Feedback is extremely important to me. It gives me insight into what i'm doing right, but more importantly what I can learn.

Highly Recommended!


" Received professional work and excellent customer support; Zach has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Would recommend anyone to give him a shot. "


I couldn't have asked for a better experience


" My experience with Thomson Designs was phenomenal. At the start of the design process, I had an idea of what I wanted but nothing concrete. That can be problematic with some designers, because the ability to interpret layman descriptions into technical design skill is a rare quality. Working with Zach, we developed an incredible logo that was able to convey everything I wanted with my re-branding. I have extremely high expectations, and Zach was able to meet and exceed them, especially from a customer service and communication standpoint.

I would recommend Thomson Designs to anyone. They provide an incredible value and I'm leaving our interaction totally satisfied, which doesn't happen very often. Keep up the fantastic work! "


Excellent designer, made my company's logo appear at the top of reddit


" I opened a design contest at 99designs, which was about a very difficult subject I must say, and I got some mostly "meh" logos. None of them managed to impress me. Then I sent a message to all the designers about an idea I had: instead of trying to find an abstract logo for a development company, try to find an object of some sort (or animal, or a robot) that would act like a logo. Thomsondesigns started iterating over the idea of a robot and after some trial and error we managed to get to a version that my entire company loves.

The entire process was very smooth, with blazing fast replies to all my requests, literally a few minutes of delay between requests and new versions. It almost looked like we both knew exactly what the other one was thinking about...

The other logos were also quite good, but this particular one is what we chose, because it's simple yet expressive at the same time.

Thank you Thomsondesigns for the hard work and big kudos! "


Working with Zach was amazing


" Working with Zach was amazing. Not only was he incredibly prompt with his responses and edits, but he was extremely receptive to our thousands of nit-picky requests. He perfectly executed on our vision while improving what we thought we wanted through his own creative lens. Can not recommend him enough, we will 100% be returning for all of our design needs "


Zach has been extremely responsive...


" Zach has been extremely responsive and created clean designs for my business cards, logos and intro videos. He has been open to working with my visions and provides great feedback to help guide my ideas and branding venture. "